Are you curious about determining the true value of your website?

It’s not an easy task, as there are several factors to consider. The most common reason for wanting to know the value is if you’re planning to sell it. The value of a website is essentially the amount of money that you can expect to receive from a sale.

However, it’s important to have all the necessary evaluation data at hand, as undervaluing your website could result in financial losses.

This guide will delve into the process of determining the value of a website, as well as the tools that can aid you in the process.

But first, let’s examine the basics of how website value is calculated. While there are complex formulas, the most straightforward and commonly used method is the earnings multiplier. This formula suggests that a website’s worth ranges from 24 to 36 times its monthly revenue.

For example, a website generating $5000 in monthly revenue could have a selling price between $120,000 to $180,000. While this is a rough estimate, a more accurate valuation requires a comprehensive understanding of your online business

1. Worth of Web 

Worth of Web is a free website value calculator that provides a comprehensive analysis of your website, including its value, visits, page views, revenue, Alexa Traffic Rank, and more. The tool generates a detailed report with information about your website’s worth, revenue data, traffic estimates, social media presence, domain and hosting information, and design elements.

In addition, Worth of Web offers SEO checklists and linking opportunities that you can utilize to improve your website. The tool also provides webmaster data from various major search engines.

2. URL Rate

URL Rate is a website value calculator and domain appraisal tool that provides crucial information about your website. The tool collects data from various reliable sources and considers factors such as unique daily visits, pageviews, Google PR, Alexa Rank, and backlinks to determine a website’s worth.

With a single mouse click, you can obtain comprehensive information about a website through URL Rate. The tool also provides information related to web servers and online safety, as well as backlink history from the Majestic SEO tool.

3. is a free website value calculator that uses its own algorithm to determine a website’s worth. The tool generates detailed valuation reports that include website ranking, traffic statistics, domain value, and more.

In addition to determining your own website’s worth, can also provide valuable information about the value of your competitors’ websites. This information can be useful for comparing your website data with that of your competitors.

The algorithm KPIs that uses are:

  • Estimated daily unique views
  • Daily pageviews
  • Estimated daily advertisement income
  • Alexa rank
  • Google, Yahoo, Bing index status
  • Domain age
  • Backlinks

4. ValueMyWeb

ValueMyWeb is an excellent website value calculator that provides a wealth of information about your website. The tool conducts a thorough analysis of SEO, organic, social media, and other statistics to generate a comprehensive report.

ValueMyWeb delivers its detailed reports via email. To receive the report, simply enter your website URL and email address on the tool’s website.

5. WebsiteOutlook

WebsiteOutlook calculates the value of your website using around 20 metrics, eliminating the need to check website status through multiple individual tools. It provides a comprehensive and convenient solution for all your website analysis needs.

Just submit your website URL and it will come with performance stats such as:

  • Alexa Rank
  • Backlinks
  • Page and Domain Authority
  • Organic Rankings
  • DNS and Server Information
  • Website On-Page Report
  • Social Media Presence
  • Whois Record

And here is also more shortlist for website worth checking


If you’re seeking an estimate of your website’s value, these tools are worth exploring. They provide a valuable insight into your website’s performance and statistics, allowing you to identify areas that need improvement and focus your efforts on enhancing your online business.

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