If you’re looking for the hottest female weather reporters in 2023, your search ends here. Check out our list of the top 10, and get ready to be mesmerized by their beauty and charm.

Weather forecasts can be mundane, but when these stunning weather girls appear on the screen, things heat up quickly. From all corners of the world, we’ve selected the hottest and most beautiful female anchors, and we invite you to share your favorite weather girl in the comments section.

Top 10 Hottest Female Weather Reporters in 2023

10. Evelyn Taft

Top 10 Hottest Female Weather Reporters

Evelyn Taft is a highly respected meteorology expert who has made a name for herself in the weather reporting sector. Her magnetic on-screen presence has been instrumental in boosting the ratings of CBS/KCLA channels. She is renowned as one of the most famous and attractive female weather forecast reporters in America.

Currently, Evelyn serves as the weekend chief night meteorology expert for CBS2/KCAL 9 News channel. She is proficient in English, Hebrew, Russian, and French, making her a versatile journalist, news editor, news anchor, and news director based in America.

Evelyn’s passion for journalism began at the age of 16 when she started hosting a morning show, which eventually led her to meteorology. Her captivating presentation skills have earned her several awards, including the Bob Jones Award in 2003, Old Tom Morris Award, Golden Mike Award, and membership in the National Weather Association Seal of Approval.

9. Lluvia Carrillo

Lluvia Carrillo

Lluvia Carrillo is a young and alluring television host, weather girl, model, media personality, and Instagram sensation. The Mexican beauty is well-known for her svelte figure and captivating brown tresses.

Fluent in Spanish, Lluvia initially worked as a sports reporter before transitioning to become a weather forecaster at Mexico’s Televisa Monterrey. She is responsible for delivering accurate rain predictions to the Mexican public and has taken over as the channel’s weather anchor after the departure of the famous Yanet Garcia.

In 2017, Carrillo was featured in the Elegant Magazine press release. Currently, she works for the Televisa Monterrey TV Network in Mexico and has become an internet sensation thanks to her Instagram posts, which never fail to raise temperatures.

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8. Janice Villagran

Janice Villagran

Janice Villagran, the weather anchor at Estrella TV, is a renowned news personality. This Mexican beauty is famous for her alluring looks and figure-hugging outfits that never fail to captivate her viewers. Her magnetic on-screen presence and excellent presentation skills have earned her widespread admiration.

Villagran holds a bachelor’s degree in communication science and is also an on-air host for I Testigo TV. Her signature style, which accentuates her curves, has become her identity on social media, attracting millions of fans.

In addition to her work on Estrella TV, Villagran is a regular on En Vivo USA, an entertainment show. She is also employed as a surgical technologist and medical assistant, adding to her diverse skill set. Her stunning looks and charming personality have earned her a spot on the list of the sexiest weather anchors, particularly in Latin America.

7. Anabel Angus

Anabel Angus

Born in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the charming and passionate Bolivian television presenter, glamour model, fashion designer, and journalist, Ms. Angus has garnered immense popularity. Her stunning presenting skills and captivating style have earned her a place among the most celebrated personalities in Bolivia.

Ms. Angus began her career in 2002 as an elected dancer for Unitel Television’s entertainment show. Later in 2011, she hosted the magazine channel, and before becoming a presenter, she served as a host in Calle 7. She also held the position of co-host at Chicostation, and her presenting style and expressions are incredibly captivating, leaving her viewers spellbound. On Instagram, Ms. Angus is thriving with 350,000 followers.

Ms. Angus is also a brand ambassador for Pantene and Kotex, and her popularity as a weather girl has earned her a spot on the list of the most sought-after models. Her passion and dedication have made her a well-known figure in the Bolivian media industry, and she continues to shine as a role model for aspiring young journalists.

6. Jasmina Marazita

Jasmina Marazita

Jasmina Marazita, a popular Ecuadorian anchor and weather reporter, is well-known for her captivating looks. She is affiliated with Miami’s Telemundo 51 news network and is also skilled in traffic and entertainment reporting. Holding a degree in journalism, she has conducted a remarkable interview with musician Julio Garcia. Her short documentary on the earthquake devastation in Ecuador was highly praised.

Marazita is also a host for SBS Radio’s 106.3 Hola Que Tal. She has a passion for writing and reading, and she co-hosted a morning radio show with Ariel Ramirez on Romance 106.7. Her flawless and engaging weather reporting has earned her a large following of fans.

5. Naile Lopez

Naile Lopez

Naile Lopez, a Mexican meteorologist, model, and TV host, has captivated audiences with her beautiful looks and charming personality. Her popularity as a weather reporter is also due to her stunning appearance.

Naile’s talent has earned her the position of weather anchor for Las Noticias Televisa Monterrey, where she showcases her intelligence and articulate communication skills. Her body-hugging outfits also add to her allure.

Her fit and curvaceous figure have earned her an endorsement deal with the swimwear brand SoyLaMaria. Additionally, Naile is seeking acting opportunities with Televisa San Angel Studio in Mexico City, where she has appeared in popular television shows such as ‘Como dice el dicho’ and ‘The Two Lives Of Estela Carrillo’.

4. Sheena Parveen

Sheena Parveen

This stunning young woman of Indian descent earned her degree in meteorology from Florida State University before landing a job at the prestigious NBC 4 channel in San Diego.

Her captivating coverage of blizzards, hurricanes, and tornadoes has added countless fans to her already impressive following. Her on-the-ground reporting of the devastating 2013 EF5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, and her round-the-clock coverage of the 2016 blizzard were both especially well received. Her live reporting during Hurricane Sandy at the Jersey Shore earned her high praise.

After beginning her career as an intern at Tallahassee News, she has since worked at several major stations and even hosts her own show, “Pet Adoption.” She has been affiliated with WCTV, Fox13, and NBC10 during her meteorology career. She has been honored with a CBM seal from the American Meteorological Society, and has been named Best TV Weather Person by Main Line Today and It Girl. She has also been featured in several popular magazines as one of the world’s hottest female weather reporters.

3. Sol Perez

Sol Perez

Sol Perez, a stunning model and weather anchor from Argentina, is also a skilled boxer who has stepped into the ring. She is a fitness enthusiast who strives for a slim figure.

Perez currently works for the TyC Sports Network and is known for her eye-catching on-air presentations that accentuate her curves. Her weather forecasting method is highly popular among viewers, and she has been named one of the hottest weather girls in the world in 2023.

On Instagram, she has amassed 5.6 million followers, and her account is known for its provocative photographs of the model and presenter. The blonde beauty enjoys showcasing her voluptuous figure and receiving praise from her fans and followers.

2. Susana Almeida

Susana Almeida

Susana Almeida, a stunning Mexican weather anchor, has secured the second position in the list of hottest female weather reporters of 2023. Known for her presenting skills and stunning looks, she is a popular presenter in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

As a celebrity news anchor, the gorgeous brunette presents the weather forecast for the entire nation every evening, accompanied by her killer smile. Her long-standing role on Foro TV has been a turning point in her career.

Although her primary job is weather reporting and anchoring, she has also ventured into modeling. Susana has won the title of Best-Looking Weather Girl by Daily Star Magazine and has also been crowned Miss Televisa Monterrey in a beauty pageant with the same name. She has also graced the cover of M magazine.

1. Yanet Garcia

Yanet Garcia

Yana Garcia, the world’s hottest female weather reporter, is a complete package of beauty and brains. She is a well-known weather anchor for Las Noticias on Televisa Monterrey, celebrated for her exceptional forecasting skills, stunning appearance, and radiant smile. Her on-camera outfits and gestures are the talk of the town.

This sexiest weather girl started her professional modeling career at the young age of 15. She is a successful model, social media influencer, entrepreneur, actor, and renowned weather presenter. Currently, she has 12 million followers on Instagram, indicating her skyrocketing popularity. Yana holds a journalism degree.

Playboy magazine has named her “the woman who entices people to watch the weather forecast.” She has also participated in the beauty pageant of Nuevo Leon. Yana is an avid fitness enthusiast and a FitPlan app trainer. At home, she owns a modeling school called “Yanet Garcia Models.”

Her acting career includes notable movies such as Sharknado 5 and Bellezonismo.

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